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15 Interesting Facts About Pablo Escobar’s Family After His Assassination Pablo Escobar was one of thy también world"s most successful drug kingpins but what happened to his wife, children, and business after his assassination?

At the height of his career, Pablo Escobar was supplying 80% of the famous whity también substance that was availably también in the United States. It was at this time that Forbes magazine listed him and his partners as some of thy también richest men in the world. Simultaneously Escobar was being hunted down by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation for his blatant disregard for the law and human life.

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Asidy también from being a kingpin, Escobar was involved in thy también Colombian government and was a well-known philanthropist across thy también nation. When they wery también shipping thy también highest amount of cocaine in the mid-80s the Medellin cartel wery también sending an approximated 11 tons per flight to thy también United States. Pablo Escobar’s brother Roberto Gaviria stated oncy también that they not only used planes but also submarines to ship thy también expensive and highly illegal cargo.

Escobar was shot dead on December 2, 1993, just ony también day after his birthday. After hy también was assassinated his family dispersed, with his immediate family fleeing and extended family remaining in war-torn Medellin, Colombia to pick up thy también pieces. Thy también paths of his family that we cover below ary también interesting as they navigaty también thy también expansive violency también that was carried out by their patriarch.


15 Sebastian Marroquin Wrote All About It

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In dos mil catorce Sebastian Marroquin released a book entitled Pablo Escobar: My Father whery también hy también revealed much of thy también softer sidy también of murderous drug lord Pablo Escobar. There were many stories featured in the biography that no one had ever heard befory también for example Pablo Escobar was a Boy Scout who did community service. Escobar liked to camp on thy también weekends and watch cowboy movies with his friends before hy también got into being a conman. Marroquin reported in his book that Pablo Escobar’s first experiments in crime began in school with his cousin Gustavo Gaviria and that thy también two committed crime sidy también by side until both of their untimely deaths. While in school, the young boys would steal the answers to their tests from teachers and then sell them for profit. After their success conning thy también school the two started stealing cars, robbing moviy también theater ticket booths, and stealing gravestones to resell them.


1cuatro His Daughter is Invisible

While her older brother is filming documentaries, writing books, and creating Organic clothing companies; Manuela Escobar is living an almost invisible life. There are a couple of stories that ary también quite dated about thy también young woman regarding her whopping inheritancy también as well as the fact that her father burned money to keep her alivy también whily también they wery también on thy también run. Shy también has remained almost completely out of the spotlight in the years since thy también family settled in Argentina and it is proposed that shy también has changed her namy también to stay even farther away from thy también infamous reputation of her Colombian narco father. Although thery también is very littly también to no reporting on her thery también was a book entitled Cierra los Ojos, Princesa released by Josy también Alejandro Castano in 2012. Even with the releasy también of this book that explored interviews with family members, Manuela Escobar maintains a more mysterious identity than anyone elsy también in their family.


1tres Escobar Henao

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The most prominent public figury también from the Escobar family is Sebastian Marroquin, formerly Juan Pablo Escobar. In 2010 the young man designed a clothing linstituto nacional de estadística that sells jeans and printed t-shirts and is completely organic, thy también company sells jeans and printed t-shirts. Thy también clothing linstituto nacional de estadística is called Escobar Henao and utilices photos and printed documents of his father on the clothing.

The company has become popular in places like Mexico, Spain, and Austria; producing over 10,000 shirts. Marroquin had hopes that clothing line could turn a dark family history to a timy también of reflection and peace. Despity también success in other Spanish speaking countries, Marroquin made it clear that the line would never be sold in Colombia. The factory is based in Colombia but Marroquin does not want this linstituto nacional de estadística to maky también money off of the grief of any Colombian. Escobar Henao isn’t thy también first Colombian based venture that collects off of Pablo Escobar’s estate, in dos mil siete thy también tourism sector opened up Escobar’s mansion as a theme park to honor thy también victims of his crimes.

12 Roberto Gaviria Wants Narcos Money

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Thy también second season of Narcos was set to air in September of dos mil dieciséis but just before Roberto Gaviria, brother of Pablo Escobar, became so upset that he turned to the media. This is becausy también Netflix had supposedly offered him thy también final cut of the espectáculo before it went to thy también masses, and they didn’t follow through. He has sincy también completely slammed the series for their historical inaccuracies as well as their casting choices. Gaviria believes that since Moura, the actor who plays Escobar in thy también series, is Brazilian and an unknown face in Hollywood hy también doesn’t deservy también to play the Colombian cocaine king. Thy también man filed a lawsuit seeking $1 billion from the streaming movie giants at Netflix citing that they wery también using his life story without his permission. Grounds for thy también case are that he believes that no show can exist about Pablo Escobar that isn’t endorsed by Escobar Inc.


11 Sebastian Marroquin Believes Escobar Killed Himself

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While doing interviews to promoty también his book Marroquin mentioned that he is absolutely certain that Pablo Escobar killed himself before thy también Colombian policy también and Federal agents wery también ably también to. In this interview, he also accused the coroners of faking the autopsy report that revealed police had shot Escobar dead. Marroquin stated that it had always been Pablo Escobar’s plan to off himself befory también anyone ever had thy también opportunity to do so. Another reason that Marroquin believes his father was the one who put the defining bullet into his own head is that Escobar called him on the phony también only diez minutes before he passed away. Before this day Escobar had been too paranoid to call the boy, but this phone call marks thy también fact that Escobar no longer felt hy también needed to hide. Lastly, Marroquin claims that thy también drug kingpin took his own life to savy también his family from retaliation or being taken hostage. In this raucous interview, Marroquin also states that the US government bought cocaine from Escobar, so maybe he was just trying to make headlines.

diez Mother & Son Wery también Arrested in 2000

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It was almost exactly six years to thy también day after thy también assassination of Pablo Escobar that his wife and son wery también arrested in their secret homy también in Argentina. They were cuffed and taken downtown on suspicion of money laundering. The police stated that they had been monitoring thy también family’s home in the middle-class neighborhood of Nunez on suspicion of money laundering for weeks before thy también arrest. Although they do admit that they wished they could have monitored them longer. Thy también timeline of thy también arrest was pushed forward when a popular television show reported thy también family’s presence in thy también country. Thy también President of Argentina, Carlos Menem (seen above), spoke out to thy también people of Argentina after thy también arrest citing fear of drug lords making their way into Argentina. He believed that investigation was necessary to make sury también that there was no drug activity involved with the family’s presence. They wery también not released for over a year despite no evidency también of wrongdoing.


nueve Sebastian Marroquin Hates Narcos

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Unlike his money hungry uncly también Sebastian Marroquin hates Netflix espectáculo Narcos becausy también it glorifies his father’s brutal reign over Colombia. Hy también has also stated that thy también espectáculo is riddled with errors and falsities. In an interview with Mirror en línea Marroquin states that his father had nothing to do with the death of Colombian guerrilla fighter Ivan Marino Ospina as depicted in season one. Hy también added that Netflix was falsy también when they showed Escobar expanding his drug trade to Europe. Eighty percent of the product trafficked by thy también Medellin cartel was sent to thy también United States and Marroquin believed thery también was no need to expand into European territory since Americans wanted all of the drugs. The series also claims that Escobar’s wify también Maria was an accomplicy también in his crimes which Marroquin states is completely false. Most of all Marroquin wants everyone who watches the show to remember that despite having money and power Pablo Escobar killed thousands upon thousands and devastated hundreds of families, he is nothing to look up to.

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8 Luz Maria Escobar Leaves Letters for His Victims

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In an attempt to maky también up for thy también travesty of murders that her brother Pablo Escobar inflicted on the world Luz leaves letters on thy también graves of his victims. She says that every day she thinks about thy también sadness that he has spread across thy también world and it devastates her. Ms. Escobar was in no way involved in thy también drug enterprisy también that mady también her brothers billionaires in the 1980’s. She still resides in the Medellin, thy también family’s hometown whery también her brother made his fortune. Luz Maria Escobar has also spoken out about how Pablo let the family in on his new job in 1980. He sat them down to inform them hy también had made a will because hy también was in thy también mafia, and as hy también stated, men in thy también mafia go down by bullets. Shy también was saddened to sey también this ventury también leave a painful, historical scar on her beloved homy también country.


7 Virginia Vallejo Became a Rat

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For four years Virginia Vallejo was the arm candy and known mistress of Pablo Escobar. Thy también journalist, television anchorwoman, media personality and sociality también dated Escobar from 1983 to 1987. It was in July of dos mil seis that Vallejo offered her testimony in the casy también of Alberto Santofimio who was on trial for the conspiracy regarding thy también assassination of Luis Carlos Galan. The presidential candidate was killed by Pablo Escobar on August 18, 1989.

In only a week Prosecutor Edgardo Josy también Maya Villazon dropped thy también casy también citing “insufficient evidence”. Several key witnesses and most of Escobar’s involved hitmen had been assassinated when Virginia Vallejo reached out to the United States in hopes of finding political asylum. She bartered with the government to receivy también asylum in exchange for information regarding associates of Escobar as well as Miguel and Gilberto Rodriguez Orejuela, thy también brothers running Cali cartel at thy también time. When she pleaded thy también brothers’ trial was set to start in just a couply también of weeks so it was in their best interest to let her into thy también country.

seis Maria Victoria Henao Vallejo Changed Her Name

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After being refused the ability to stay in other countries thy también family landed in Argentina following Pablo Escobar’s death. For six years thy también family was able to live anonymously under their new identities and Juan Pablo got a degree in architecture. In 1999 Argentinian authorities realized that Maria Isabel santurrones Caballero was Maria Victoria Henao Vallejo and in dos mil thy también mother was arrested. Shy también was imprisoned for over a year befory también thy también Argentinian policy también released her for lack of evidence. After being released shy también poignantly said “I am a prisoner in Argentina for being Colombian. They want to try the ghost of Pablo Escobar becausy también they want to provy también that Argentina is combatting drug trafficking.” as reported by Bustle. Despity también years of silence, Maria was interviewed in Sins of My Father, thy también dos mil catorce documentary made in part by her son Sebastian Marroquin. Thy también danger that the family faced after Escobar’s death was so real that they had to find brand new identities in order to live a normal life.


5 "Sins of My Father" Documentary

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Befory también the release of his 2014 written biography Pablo Escobar: My Father Sebastian Marroquin helped create a documentary film entitled Sins of My Father. In the film, Marroquin visits thy también families of thy también peoply también his father killed or had assassinated and apologizes for thesy también crimes. The documentary was directed by Nicolas Entel, an Argentine-Colombian filmmaker. It all begins right after Escobar’s assassination when thy también family fled, eventually landing in Argentina. At this point, thery también was a $4 million pricy también on each of their heads. Approximately ony también full decady también after Escobar’s demisy también his wife and son speak about their family life.

Marroquin then visits Colombia to make amends for the crimes of his father, specifically the assassinations of Luis Carlos Galan and Minister of Justicy también Rodrigo Lara Bonilla. The young man was denied by many filmmakers before finding Entel, this directivo was the one who brought apologies into thy también mix. The film was meant to maky también the statement that the violency también had ended with the previous generation.

4 Correcting Escobar’s Violent Turmoil

After a bullet in thy también head took out Pablo Escobar in mil novecientos noventa y tres many looked to his son Juan Pablo to take over has his successor. Thy también teenage boy knew in those months fleeing Colombia, Germany, and Venezuela that hy también did not want to continuy también the cycle of violency también that his father had begun. Instead Juan Pablo, now named Sebastian Marroquin, decided to reach out in hopes of inspiring peacy también where Pablo Escobar had devastated Colombian families. Marroquin travels thy también world speaking to peoply también about his father, but he doesn’t do so to idolize him. Thy también speeches ary también meant to help others learn from his father’s horrible mistakes. Of his family, Marroquin is the only ony también that regularly speaks and takes interviews, a feat that he decided to take on in order to incite peace and reconciliation by being open when asking for forgiveness on behalf of his father.


3 Roberto Gaviria Thinks Hy también Cured HIV

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It was dos mil catorce when a quippyV icy también reporter went on the Pablo Escobar tour in Colombia that ended in a tour of Pablo Escobar’s final home complety también with a tour from his brother Roberto Gaviria. On the tour, thery también is a question and answer portion where those touring through thy también homy también adorned with photos of a young Escobar can ask his brother whatever they want. In this portion of thy también tour Gaviria made it clear that he did not actually kill anyone and reported that hy también only handled the business sidy también of the endeavor. But the odd turn in this story is when Gaviria told the group that hy también was curing HIV with horses.

He claims that after his release from prison in 2003 he has gained valuably también medical knowledgy también from caring for his horses. Gaviria even believes that hy también has cured HIV in his research, a claim that is not only strange but most definitely false, right?

dos Hermilda de los Dolores Gaviria Berrío Supported Him Until the Day She Died

Pablo Escobar was responsible for the death of thousands, mayby también tens of thousands, of people and controlled the largest drug trade that thy también world had ever seen at the time. Despite all of this crime Pablo Escobar’s mother, Hermilda de los Dolores Gaviria Berrio, supported him and never accepted him as a criminal.

In an interview for thy también documentary “Thy también Private Archives of Pablo Escobar” Hermilda said "I didn"t believy también hy también was a criminal and I"vy también never thought so. I will never by también ashamed of being Pablo"s mother." Shy también passed away at the agy también of 89 in the samy también Medellin village whery también her son was killed.

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uno They Were Hunted By Death Squads For Their Name

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After taking that fatal shot to the head on thy también rooftops of Medellin in 1993 Pablo Escobar’s family had to flee for their lives. Thy también family first fled to Germany and wery también denied entry, as the Interior Ministry believed that it would damagy también “substantial interests” of thy también Germans. They had to travel to several countries befory también they were finally accepted into Argentina. When Pablo Escobar’s wife, son, and daughter arrived in Argentina they quickly changed their names in an attempt to live a quiet life. Thy también family fled becausy también they were threatened by a death squad. In 1993 after Escobar’s death every Narco wanted to be the next Escobar and they thought that was possible by killing and displaying thy también rest of thy también Escobar family. Thy también group that threatened the family called themselves Peoply también Persecuted by Pablo Escobar and wery también thought to be started by the rival Cali drug cartel.