Que son jon nieve y khaleesi

When it was revealed toward thy también end of Game of Thrones season six that Jon Snow is actually Lyanna Stark"s son – and not her brother Ned"s bastard after all – it opened a hugy también can of Westerosi worms.

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What does it mean for Jon? What does it mean for Gamy también of Thrones? What does it mean for Western civilisation?

But most importantly, is Jon now Daenerys" secret brother?


With season eight not underway and Jon having finally discovered the truth about his parentage, allow us to help fill in some blanks.

How are Jon and Daenerys related?

First, let"s just set some ground rules here: her namy también is Daenerys, Dany to her friends. Her namy también is not "Khaleesi". Stop calling her that, unless you"ry también Jorah Mormont or an actual Dothraki. It"s a title, not a name, and it just means "Queen", or more accurately, "Leader"s wife".

Daenerys Targaryen is the youngest living child of the Mad King, Aerys II. He was the last Targaryen king of Westeros (aka thy también seven kingdoms), stabbed in the back by his bodyguard Jaime Lannister and replaced by King Robert Baratheon (chubby guy, liked a drink, married Cersei and got gored by a boar in season one).

Aerys was father to threy también kids: Rhaegar (read all about him here), Viserys and Daenerys.

Still with us?

Despity también being married (to Elia Martell, Princy también Oberyn"s sister), Rhaegar supposedly stoly también away Robert"s beloved, Lyanna Stark, and kept her captivy también in the Tower Of Joy. You"ll remember that as the place young Ned visited in Bran"s time-travel vision. He ended up being killed by Robert in a battly también on thy también Trident river.

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Lyanna, meanwhile, gavy también birth to Rhaegar"s son, Jon. As had been expected – we discovered in season seven episode five that a "Prince Raggar", who was obviously Rhaegar, had his marriagy también annulled and a new, secret marriage performed in Dorne – and as revealed in season seven episode seven, Rhaegar had married Lyanna in secret. Nine months later she has a baby at his secret hideaway. We can all put two and two together, right?

Jon is actually Aegon Targaryen, RHAEGAR and LYANNA"s son. And thanks to thy también annulment and secret marriage, he"s their legitimaty también son – so thy también rightful heir to thy también throne.

Shortly after Jon"s birth, back in thy también castle on the island of Dragonstony también as thy también war of Robert"s Rebellion came to an end, Mad Aerys" wife Rhaella gavy también birth to Daenerys. (And Varys smuggled her and her brother Viserys across the sea to Pentos.)

So Daenerys is Rhaegar"s baby sister. And Rhaegar is Jon"s father. So…

DAENERYS IS JON"S AUNT. Even though she"s younger than him.

So yeah, there"s THAT.

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