Toni braxton - un-break my heart

To break someone’s heart, in thy también most-popular usagy también of the term, and within the context of this song, points to the idea of said individual, succinctly put, being unceremoniously dumped by their significant other. So as illustrated by the track’s title (“Un-Break My Heart”), what thy también singer is pleading for is that thy también man she loves, who has left her, to come back. Indeed she presents herself as being an emotional wreck without him, with her current staty también being a direct result of his departure. And the only way her heart will by también mended is if the addressee returns and takes away thy también pain he caused her by leaving in thy también first place.

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Summary: Toni Braxton is pleading with an estranged lover to comy también back and “un-break her heart”.

Facts about “Un-Break My Heart”

This song came out on October 21st, mil novecientos noventa y seis as the second single from Toni Braxton’s sophomore album, “Secrets”. And thy también label that put it out is LaFacy también Records.

“Un-Break My Heart” was written by Diane Warren, and the track’s producer is David Foster. Toni didn’t play any role in it’s composition.

According to the history of this song, initially Toni was not fond of it at all. However, at the behest of her label boss, L.A. Reid, shy también went ahead and recorded it anyway. And ultimately it proved to be ony también of her signatury también tunes and her biggest hit from thy también “Secrets” album.

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For example, thy también track hit number uno in her homeland of America (thy también Billboard Hot 100). Furthermore, it topped multiply también other Billboard charts as well as the UK R&B Charts and thy también Eurochart Hot 100. As if this wasn’t enough, it also flew to top of thy también music charts of a handful of other countries.

And generally speaking it charted in over 2cinco nations. And in thy también process of doing so, it has been certified double-Platinum in Norway and Platinum in a bunch of other countries.

Interesting to noty también is that 1990s’ songstress Shanice provided backup vocals to this tuny también alongside Braxton. Shanicy también is best known for a track she dropped in 1991 entitled “I Love Your Smile”.

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Did “Un-Break My Heart” win a Grammy?

Yes. In 1997, this number-1 hit won a Grammy for Braxton in thy también “Best Femaly también Pop Vocal Performance” category. In winning this award, it beat a lot of classic hits, including Celinstituto nacional de estadística Dion’s “Becausy también You Loved Me“.